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Vehicle Repairs & Car Services in Bury, Lancashire

At Ramsbottom Paint & Bodyshop, we will repair or repaint any vehicle that has been in an accident or otherwise suffered damage to the vehicle's body. Based in Bury, Lancashire, our shop offers extremely affordable rates for vehicle repairs and car services you require.

Extensive Car Services
Ramsbottom Paint & Bodyshop mechanics provide general car body services to repair all manner of dents, scratches, and scuffs. We tailor our car services to the needs of your specific vehicle, and we never try to push unnecessary or unwanted repairs onto our customers. Some of the repairs we perform include:

• Alloy wheels, refurbishing, and repairing
• Dent, scratch and scuff repairs
• General bodywork repairs
• Paint-free dent removing

• Bumper and splits or cracks
• Wheel arch scrapes
• Stone chip damage repairs

Black SUV, Car Services in Bury, Lancashire

Paint Free Dent Removal
Push to paint and push for paint are names for a type of paint-free dent removal system that is extremely effective for repairing minor body and bumper damage caused by factors such as hail. It is often abbreviated to PDR for Paintless Dent Repair and the methods used by Ramsbottom Paint & Bodyshop are much more cost-effective than traditional dent removal techniques, which often damage the paintwork and require a new paint job.

Bumper & Wheel Arch Damage
Bumpers exist to protect your car, so it only natural that they frequently become scuffed or split. It is a legal requirement to have a functional bumper, and Ramsbottom Paint & Bodyshop offers affordable bumper repairs and replacements.

Stone Chip Damage Repairs
Stone chip scratches are common, especially around the lower grill and bonnet areas. The problem is that this type of damage can lead to rusting. Rusting damage can sometimes be irreversible, so it is important you have chips and scratches repaired as soon as possible.

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